March 20, 2024
Proposed Anti-Money Laundering Rule for Registered Investment Advisers

FinCEN, a Treasury agency that fights financial crimes, proposed a new rule today to prevent investment advisers from helping criminals and foreign enemies abuse the U.S. financial system and assets. This rule, along with Treasury’s other measures against hidden companies and cash-only property deals, is aimed to make the U.S. financial system more transparent and help law enforcement track down dirty money in the U.S. economy.  To review the proposed rule in its entirety click here.

The proposed rule would require certain investment advisers to apply AML/CFT requirements pursuant to the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), including implementing risk-based AML/CFT programs, reporting suspicious activity toFinCEN, and fulfilling record keeping requirements.

The comment period for this proposed rule closes on April15, 2024.  We encourage RIAs to review the proposed rule and to comment on how this would affect their operational practices.  

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Key Terms: AML, Anti-money laundering, FinCen, AML Rule

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