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Navigating regulations shouldn’t slow you down. Proactively minimize risks & penalties via 24/7 stress testing and regulatory change management.

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Get custom regulation management

Tap into 100+ state & federal sources with Avery. Stay updated, effortlessly map regulations, and autogenerate action plans for all regulatory obligations.

Maximize efficiency with generative AI

Automate tedious tasks and cut costs with AI-powered tools for regulation summarization, action plan creation, and intelligent chat assistance.

Outsmart regulatory challenges

Combine advanced automation with help from our team of seasoned professionals. Get real-time alerts and a compliance calendar that's personalized for your firm.

Improve your workflow

Manage regulation processes on one intuitive platform. Seamlessly integrate via APIs, unify your team, and monitor milestones with real compliance experts for reliable, fast compliance.

Manage regulations the right way

Gap test, keep record, and address all ongoing compliance issues with a dashboard designed for you, by you.

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Stay nimble, stay up-to-date

84% more efficiency1—Navigate regulations with confidence, ensuring that your business operations remain fluid and faultless.

Reclaim your time

45% time savings2—Freeing up crucial hours lets you focus on business growth and strategic decision-making.

Your proactive regulatory co-pilot

30% boost in operational horsepower with AI3 —Avery gives your team robust automation in one clear platform to ensure you're always in control.

“Harnessing the power of AI, Avery revolutionizes regulatory compliance management. The fusion of advanced artificial intelligence and tailored assistance sets the gold standard for effective, industry-specific compliance solutions."
Tito Pombra
Former CCO

Matthews Asia

Avery caters to wealth firms of any size

Wealth Management Firms

Reduce overwhelming compliance duties and focus on asset growth for your clients. We provide full-scope surveillance, allowing you to zero in on better serving your clients.

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firms Wealth Management Firms

Our comprehensive suite of tools enables RIAs to automate compliance & surveillance programs, building and maintaining trust through a foundation based on regulatory compliance.


Navigate the world of FINRA and SEC with confidence. Avery helps you stay prepared for audits and minimize the risk of penalties, enforcement actions and reputational damage.

Fund Managers

Cut through the regulatory noise and focus on portfolio growth. Avery automates compliance processes, letting you manage regulations and investments in a single digital platform.

Asset Managers

Optimize your approach to compliance across your entire organization. With Avery, you're not just managing risks, you're converting your compliance program from a liability to an asset.

Compliance Officers

Stay a step ahead with real-time updates and intelligent workflows. With Avery, compliance becomes an integrated part of your strategic planning.

Decision Makers in Finance

Get a 360-degree view of your firm's compliance landscape. Make informed decisions with insights and analytics provided by Avery.

End-to-end products to streamline your regulatory landscape

Tailored packages designed for your team's unique regulatory needs.

Avery Guardian Lite


For small firms and solo professionals who need basic, solid compliance support.

Manages regulatory changes and offers real-time dashboard monitoring.

Top Use Cases:

Filtering Out Regulatory Noise

Real-time Dashboard

Regulation Summary

Task Management Engine

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Avery Navigator Pro


For mid-size firms seeking advanced compliance support with AI intelligence.

Adds an extra layer of AI-powered support and regulatory tracking to your compliance strategies.

Guardian Lite plus:

Review of Filing Documents

Review of Marketing Materials

Ongoing Registration Services

Form ADV Part 1, 2A

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Avery Commander Elite

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For large enterprises that require comprehensive, all-in-one compliance solutions.

Provides a full suite of features for compliance, along with 24x7 support to meet all your compliance needs.

Navigator Pro plus:

Review of Compliance Policies

Compliance Policy GAP Analysis

Annual Policy & Program Review & Report for Rule 206(4)-7

Mock State/SEC Audit Simulation

Compliance Guidance

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Four Steps to Navigate Regulations Masterfully

Get started fast

Kickstart your onboarding

Enter your business details. In seconds, we align you with pertinent regulations and prime your personalized dashboard for immediate use.

Instant regulatory mapping

Personalized to your business profile.

Manage your regulatory compliance with AI and humans

AI-powered regulation summaries help you navigate regulations quickly, create action plans, and manage tasks easily in an all-in-one platform.

Do more than manage

Gain peace of mind with Avery’s robust chat and compliance features, offering clarity and guidance just when you need it.

We’ll help your team get started

Questions? We’re just a click away. No waiting lines, no canned responses. Real help, real fast.

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RegVerse is led by CEO Sid Yenamandra and Surge Ventures, Silicon Valley's leading RegTech venture studio. We’re driven by a singular objective: to revolutionize compliance processes for wealth management firms. For more info visit

Why choose us

Avery by RegVerse combines cutting-edge technology with compliance experts to help you build, scale, and enhance your firm’s regulatory compliance.

Onboarding in 5-minutes

Transparent pricing

Customer support

Money-back guarantee

Founded by compliance
and regulatory experts

Comprehensive compliance
solutions and services

Industry specific solutions

"The company has GREAT people in all the roles I have worked with. Clearly there is a company culture of commitment to exceptional customer service. Talented team. The AI-supported platform Avery is complemented by a staff of knowledgable real people I can speak with by phone. This is hugely important to me. They are not just a bot or chat board."


Windy Hill Ventures

Mark Muntean

“The RegVerse compliance package is a game changer. Avery's personalized dashboard makes regulatory compliance less daunting and more manageable. It gives strategic recommendations on how to manage and understand regulatory challenges. It’s night and day compared to deployments with other vendors that can leave you unsure and fending for yourself.”

Chief Security Officer

Lumen Technologies

Jason Lish

RegVerse Responsible AI

Avery by RegVerse combines human expertise with advanced AI for transparent, secure, and responsible regulatory management


Drawing upon the principles of the CIA Triad, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, RegVerse emphasizes confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We facilitate information protection by categorizing based on sensitivity and granting selective access, guarding against unauthorized deletions and alterations.

Explainability and Interpretability

Our Human Supervised AI Data Models, trained on Wealth Management data by seasoned compliance professionals, don't just respond—they elucidate. Every answer is grounded in precise citations, pinpointing the specific agency web page reference, to foster clarity and transparency.

Validity and Reliability

Our Responsible AI systems are designed for steadfast performance even under unexpected circumstances. Continuous human guidance and supervision underpin our Generative AI data models, ensuring valid and consistent outcomes.

Security and Resiliency

Responsible AI systems must stand strong against threats, including adversarial attacks. At RegVerse, our systems are engineered to detect, defend against, and swiftly recover from potential security breaches, ensuring resilience in the face of adversity.

Accountability and Transparency

Data availability is paramount, allowing access when needed and underscoring the reliability of our systems. At RegVerse, we prioritize accountability, ensuring that every AI response can be traced to its source, reinforcing our commitment to transparency.


Every interaction with our platform underscores our privacy-first approach. From start to finish, your data and chatbot communications are treated with the utmost confidentiality, highlighting our steadfast dedication to preserving your privacy.

Fairness with Mitigation of Harmful Bias

Central to our ethos is Responsible AI—a commitment to developing systems in a safe, trustworthy, and ethical manner. We prioritize the needs and goals of our users, ensuring fairness in our outputs and actively working to mitigate any biases.


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