January 17, 2024
Empower Your Compliance Officer with Technology

As Rich Best, Director of the SEC’s Division of Examinations, succinctly stated in April at SEC Speaks 2024, “Two key items are the importance of resiliency and adaptability as we live in a world of constantly changing risk and opportunity.”

I’m directing my commends to the CEOs today as you are the key to providing your business with adequate technology and resources.  How resilient is your compliance program? Can your compliance officer adapt to rule changes and obtain the knowledge they need to ensure your business can adapt?

Have you empowered your compliance officer to even complete simple tasks? Can your compliance officer run a succinct report for you in less than 10 minutes to show what they have completed to date and what is scheduled for the rest of the year? If not, why not? Is it because excel is your main source of tracking for all programs? While excel does function for compliance task tracking it does not give you one report function or provide a dashboard for ease of review. The human collation, interpretation, and organization is just adding to your compliance officer’s workload.

Maximize efficiency and empower with Avery by RegVerse.  Automate tedious tasks and cut costs with AI-powered tools for regulation summarization, action plan creation, and intelligent chat assistance. Manage regulation processes on one intuitive platform. Seamlessly integrate via APIs, unify your team, and monitor milestones with real compliance experts for reliable, fast compliance.

Discover how Avery by RegVerse can streamline your compliance processes, save time, and reduce risks. Our intro call will provide insights tailored to your specific challenges.

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