January 17, 2024
Avery by RegVerse, NIST and Trustworthy AI

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has identified several essential characteristics that contribute to trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI). These characteristics serve as building blocks to ensure the responsible and reliable use of AI systems:

  1. Validity and Reliability: Trustworthy AI systems must produce accurate and consistent results. Validity ensures that the AI’s outputs align with the intended purpose, while reliability ensures consistent performance over time.
  2. Safety: AI systems should not pose risks to users, operators, or the environment. Ensuring safety involves preventing unintended consequences and minimizing harm.
  3. Security and Resiliency: Trustworthy AI systems must be secure against unauthorized access, tampering, and attacks. Resilience ensures that the system can withstand disruptions and recover gracefully.
  4. Accountability and Transparency: AI systems should be accountable for their actions. Transparency involves making the decision-making process understandable and traceable, allowing users to assess the system’s behavior.
  5. Explainability and Interpretability: Trustworthy AI requires explanations for its decisions. Explainability helps users understand how the system arrived at a particular outcome, fostering trust and enabling human oversight.
  6. Privacy: AI systems should respect user privacy by handling personal data appropriately. Privacy-enhancing measures are crucial to maintain trust.
  7. Fairness with Mitigation of Harmful Bias: Trustworthy AI systems must avoid discriminatory biases. Fairness ensures equitable treatment, and harmful biases should be actively managed.

NIST collaborates with other organizations to promote trustworthy AI, including initiatives that prioritize ethics, human rights, and community representation in AI development1. These efforts aim to create a solid foundation for standards, guidelines, and practices in the AI landscape.

Avery by RegVerse uses AI-powered tools for regulation summarization, action plan creation, and intelligent chat assistance. Gone are the days where we can spend hours analyzing regulations to build our policies and procedures.  We need technology that helps us be resilient, change champions, and inclusive of all regulatory agencies.  

Avery by RegVerse uses generative AI to analyze regulations and break it down into management tasks that are easy to implement, review, and audit.

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