March 20, 2024
150 Questions for Your Compliance Program

Beyond the bravery needed to start a new RIA by the ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO), the unsung hero of a successful RIA is the ChiefCompliance Officer (CCO).  This role is key to ensure operations, client satisfaction, and the growth of the business.  

Before you scoff and suggest this statement is hyperbole, I implore you to peruse the list of questions the SEC would ask your CCO about your compliance program.  This list contains 150 questions. Yes, you read that correctly.  Could you as CEO answer these questions?

Now ask yourself – how does my CCO keep all of this information straight? How in the world do they organize information of such broad areas from AML, Conflicts of Interest, Trading, Suitability, and Books and Records Retention? Not to mention what would you do should your CCO leave tomorrow for business continuity?

We suggest in 2024 you look to Avery by RegVerse to provide your compliance program the dashboard needed to bring your RIA into the future.  

Get custom regulation management by tapping into 100+state and federal sources with Avery by RegVerse.  Stay updated, effortlessly map regulations, and autogenerate action plans for all regulatory obligations.  Reclaim your time with a 45% time savings to allow you to focus on business growth and strategic decision-making.  Ensure business continuity by storing and monitoring all activity on one central program.  

Make 2024 the year that Avery by RegVerse catapults you into the future of compliance and wealth management.

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Key Terms: CCO, Compliance, Rule 206, Annual Review, Compliance Review

RegVerse Team